Domotics literally means the control of electrical devices and appliances in a house by computers and electronics. In reality, this goes much further. The integrated system increases the ease of use, comfort, safety and energy usage through observation, communication and flexibility of the user. The Oled monitors from Oled Mirror TV are equipped with an RS232 connection, so that they can be controlled by a home automation system. This includes systems like Creston, Control4, Savant and other specialists.

Oled Mirror TV sells exclusively through its dealer network. This dealer network consists mainly of Domotics specialists, System Integrators, Installers and Audiovisual specialists. 

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ISF Calibration

Calibration is simply the optimal adjustment of equipment. This is only possible by measuring based on pre-set values. More specifically, calibration is setting the colour according to the industry standard, which is used when shooting a movie and television programs. Since every situation into which a television is placed is different, a measurement on location is necessary. A calibrator is not only concerned with colour but also with contrast and other options and settings of the TV. In this way the full quality is achieved and all possibilities of the device are optimised.

Calibration according to the ISF standard is done by certified ISF calibrators. They have the right know-how and measuring equipment.

Krijtenberg Sound and Vision in Amstelveen in The Netherlands is an example of an ISF Calibrator that has experience with Oled and the right measuring equipment.

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ISF Kalibratie

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