Oled stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Oled, unlike LED and Qled, is a completely new display technology. The panel is actually made of millions of LEDs and the addition of the 'O' stands for 'Organic'. This means that the LEDs themselves can generate light to display the image and do not need a backlight as Plasma, LED and QLED.

Hoogste kwaliteit beeldweergave
Hoogste kwaliteit beeldweergave

Oled Technology

Oled is not Led or Qled. The pixels of an Oled monitor consist of organic materials that provide light when electricity flows through them. Because each pixel can be turned on and off separately and gives light, there is no need for backlighting (Back-Light). But when the pixel is off, it is really black. With a Led and a Qled monitor the pixel cannot be switched off. Because an Led/Qled always needs backlight (LED lighting), the pixel does not turn black but gray due to the backlight. This makes it impossible for a Led or Qled monitor to display pure black. In addition, the Oled technology has a number of advantages over LED / Qled. Compared to an Led or Qled TV, the viewing angles are much greater due to the Nano Cell technology.  Moreover, the brightness and contrast of an Oled is much higher than we are used to from Qled and Led TVs. The energy consumption of an Oled, on the other hand, is much lower. The OLED monitors have far more advantages compared to Led and Qled. Below we show why we have chosen Oled. 

( all the pictures are real - no photoshop or rendering! )

NEW ! α9 (Alpha 9) Intelligent Processor technology

The Brilliant Brain, α9 Intelligent Processor

α9 (Alpha9) Intelligent Processor is optimized for LG OLED TV. Brightness with beautiful details, vibrant colors and more depth on every image with α9 Intelligent Processor.

Experience the ultimate picture quality

α9 (Alpha9) Intelligent Processor is optimized for LG OLED TV.

Brightness with beautiful details, vibrant colors and more depth on every image with α9 Intelligent Processor.

Quad-Step noise reduction

We have doubled the amount of noise reduction steps compared to dual-core processors, which significantly reduces the noise and improves the image in the process.

Frequency based - Sharpness Enhancer

The advanced algorithm in the α9 processor improves the clarity of the images by removing artifacts and creating clean, sharp 4K photos.

Object Depth Enhancer

The object depth enhancer separates exactly the main object of the background images and analyzes textures and edges. By detecting the edge of the main image, Alpha 9 can improve the sharpness of those edges, create depth and reveal hidden details of what you're watching.

Perfect Color accuracy

The internal Color Look Up Table (CLUT) is significantly enlarged, so there is more depth and accuracy with colorful content.

Seamless look with HFR

With more processing power under the hood, hi-octane content has never looked so good. With HFR you get clear fluid motion with less vibration and blur even at high frame rates.

4K Cinema HDR, brings the filmmakers' vision

The 4K Cinema HDR from LG brings the filmmakers' vision through support for most HDR formats. Enjoy a real cinema experience with Dolby Vision ™ at home and Advanced HDR from Technicolor, as well as HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.

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Oled Technology
Oled Technology
Oled Technology
Oled Technology
Oled Technology

Why Oled and Oledmirrortv?

The OLED monitors have far more advantages compared to Led and Qled. Below we show why we have chosen Oled.

  1. Unrivalled black values
  2. No back-light
  3. Each pixel is a tiny light
  4. Extensive colour range
  5. Higher brightness
  6. Higher contrast
  7. Super sharp image
  8. Larger viewing angle through Nano Cell technology
  9. Much faster response time
  10. 4K UHD
  11. 4K Super UHD
  12. Long service life 
  13. In Wall Paper (8 mm thickness total with glass or mirror)
  14. Lower energy usage
  15. Accurate colour display
  16. Double Vision Mirror option (two-sided image with glass or mirror)
  17. Available as a Video Wall
  18. Professional Oleds with Pro Centric Soft/hardware
  19. Consumer Oleds with Alpha9 Intelligent Porcessor   

In addition, we supply

  1. A very exclusive glass and mirror collection (available nowhere else).
  2. Unique Smart Retail Mirrors
  3. Very professional Smart Mirror software
  4. Unique Smart Hotel Mirrors
  5. Very professional Smart Hotel Software (Pro Centric Software and hardware)
  6. RS 232 connection for Domotics / Home Automation / Control

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Waarom Oled en Oledmirrortv?

Oled monitors

Oled Mirror TV  has 7 different Oled models 

1. Standard Oled 

2. Wall Paper Oled

3. Dual View Flat Oled

4. Dual View Curved Oled

5. In Glass Wall Paper Oled

6. Video Wall Oled

7. Open Frame Oled

Available dimension - 55 inch,  65 inch, 77 inch


Standard Oled Mirror TV models                 

55 inch –monitor - thickness 48.6 mm

65 inch - monitor - thickness 48,6 mm  

77 inch - monitor - thickness   56  mm     

Standard Oled Mirror TV models

Semi Professional 4K Oled - available in 55 inch and 65 inch

ProCentric IP Smart TV ( Domotica / RS232)

Semi Professional 4K Oled - available in 55 inch and  65 inch

4K -  ProCentric Hotel IP Smart TV  (Hospitality / RS232)

Consumer 4K Oled - available in 55 inch, 65 inch and 77 inch

4K –model with Alpha9 Intelligent Processor. (NEW)

Consumer 4K Oled  - available in 55 inch, 65 inch and 77 inch

4K - model


Wall Paper Oled Mirror TV  models

55 inch monitor thickness 6 mm

65 inch monitor thickness 6 mm

77 inch monitor thickness 6 mm 

Wall Paper Oled Mirror TV models

Professional Full HD Oled  available in 55 inch (Domotica  / RS232)

Professiona4K Oled available in 65 inch (Domotica / RS232)

Semi Professional 4K Oled available in 65 inch (Hotel Premier IP based Solution / RS232) Hospitality model. (New)

Standard 4K Oled available in 65 inch and 77 inch

Standard 4K Oled available in 65 inch and 77 inch with Alpha9 Intelligent Processor (NEW)

The above mentioned ultra thin Oled will be delivered with an extension cable and setup box or soundbar.

Professional Digital Signage Oled models

Dual View Flat Oled 

55 inch Dual View monitor - thickness 8 mm

Professional Full HD Oled -  thickness 8 mm (RS232)

Perfect design, Slim and light!

With just two layers of Oled this Digital Display is unbelievely light-weight and thin.

Mounting options Dual View Flat Oled;

Ceiling Suspension 

Wall Mounted


Or you (we) can customize this product as a furniture item.

In Glass Wall Paper Oled 

55 inch –monitor - thickness 13 mm 

Professional Full HD dual View Oled available in 55 inch (RS232)

The In Glass Oled monitor is an Oled that shows images on both sides (Dual View). This Innovative display gives the impression that the screen is floating in air and that the projection from both sides are comming directly from the glass. We can exchange these glass surfaces for Ultra thin mirrors.

This Glass Oled is available with a ceiling mount or with floor stand.

Video Wall Oled 

55 inch –monitor - thickness 8 mm

65 inch - monitor - thickness 8 mm  

Professional  Full HD Oled  available in 55 inch (RS232)

Professional 4K Oled available in 65 inch           (RS232)

The Video Wall Oled Mirror TV is available with different Mirrors and Glass in different RAL colours. Installation in Portrait and Landcape is possible.

With wide expandability and minimized seam, video wall takes the immersive viewing experience tp the next level, adding artistics value to premium spaces. (ultra thin bezel and very this edges) 

Open Frame Oled

Professional FHD Oled available in 55 inch

Space fitting Design Option;

Oled in Landscape Max curvature in Landscape - 2000 mm Radius (2000R)

Circumreference 12560 mm

Oled in Portrait       Max curvature in Portrait - 1500 mm Radius (1500R)

Circumreference 9420 mm


Are you looking for a particular monitor model, type or brand? Or do you need multiple monitors for a project? Let us know and we will make a very suitable offer for you. We also supply monitors without glass or mirrors. Send us an email at


Oled Mirror TV comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on the consumer and semi professional Oled monitors. We provide a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on the professional monitors.

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Oled monitoren
Oled monitoren
Oled monitoren
Oled monitoren
Oled monitors
Oled monitors
Oled monitors


At Oled Mirror TV we only offer high-quality products. Brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Loewe and Sony also purchase the OLED monitors from LG Electronics. This is a well-considered choice. Because we also aim for quality, we provide a 3 -year guarantee on the professional Oled monitors of LG Electronics. We provide a 2-year guarantee on semi professional and consumer monitors. This guarantee starts from the purchase date. The mirrors and glass surfaces are mounted in such a way that they can be easily disassembled. This makes it easy for the technical service to access the monitor for service. 

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