Secret Silver Mirror

Secret Silver Mirror  is a mirror in which you cannot see the image of the Oled monitor when the monitor is off. When the monitor is on, you see a crystal-clear image. The Secret Silver Mirror is a cognac-silver coloured mirror and is the best-selling mirror for the residential market. The combination of this mirror with an Oled monitor ensures a pure image display. The image display is not comparable to LED or QLED Mirror. This is because the Oled monitor has no backlight and the pixels can really turn on and off. This creates an incomparable image display. Another important point is the viewing angle. The Oled has a much larger viewing angle, so that you can watch TV from different positions in your room. This difference is very clearly visible.




Application of Secret Silver Mirror

Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Fitness areas, Fireplaces, Sauna, Furniture, Office, Lift, Boardrooms, Home cinema.


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