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For the ultimate in design and viewing experience, Oled Mirror TV has developed its own specific glass collection. Our glass surfaces are produced by ourselves under close scrutiny and exclusively available through us. At Oled Mirror TV, we care about the best result, a combination of the highest clarity of the glass and the design to make it an integral part of the living room. 

Coloured Glass  With the customised coloured glass surfaces of Oled Mirror TV, you create a crystal-clear image in an elegant design that adds allure to any room in a home. It ensures perfect harmony between technology and design. Coloured glass from Oled Mirror TV is not just float glass, but extra clear glass and is available in nearly every RAL color. If the TV is switched off, all that remains is the black image of the Oled TV. When switched on, it creates an unprecedented beautiful image that is difficult to match.

Coloured Glass Tempered The advantage of the tempered version of our coloured glass is that no shards occur when the glass breaks. Thempered glass is sea salt resistant.


The largest glass surface that we can deliver is 3100 x 2100 mm. 

NEW ! Cinema Glass  

With Cinema Glass, Oled Mirror TV is ahead of its time! Oled Mirror TV is the first company that makes super clear (almost) invisible glass. The combination of Cinema Glass with 4K OLED technology ensures unrivalled image reproduction and viewing experience in your home environment. 

The reflection of Coloured Glass is 10 

The reflection of Coloured Cinema Glass is 1.5

We dare to compete with the best beamer and the best projection screen! The combination of Cinema Glass with Oled technology ensures an even calmer image in which black becomes blacker and where the darker scenes of the image become even more detailed and clearer and blend into the glass.

Moreover, the Oled monitor can turn off each individual pixel, which gives you almost perfect distribution of darkness and light. As the speed (frame rate) of the Oled monitor is considerably higher than a good beamer, LCD or LED TV, motion blur (blurred image with fast movements) is a thing of the past. In total this results in a huge improvement in image quality.

Cinema Glass is ideal for cinemas, but as a customised product it can also be integrated into a luxury element, furniture or even a fireplace. With these applications you can make optimal use of the enormous viewing angle that the Oled monitor has to offer compared to the Led monitor.


The largest Cinema glass surface that we can deliver is 3000 x 1200 mm. 


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