Bathroom - Mirror Options

We pride ourselves in making making sure that we can provide you with your choice of ancillary mirror options and glass processing.


Digital clock (available for the Secret Diamond Mirror)

A digital clock can be integrated into the mirror, creating a flush surface. The clock can be placed in every position within the mirror.

LED lighting (available for the Secret Diamond Mirror)

Our mirrors can be fitted with bespoke LED lighting. The LED lighting is 5-cm-thin and incorporated into the mirror creating a flush surface. This LED lighting sits 4 cm from the edge of the mirror and can be placed in the position(s) of choice around the edges of the mirror.

Lighting colours

The LED lighting is available in 2700K (a warm white light), 4000K (an intermediate white light) and 6000K (colder white light)

Lighting switch (available for the Secret Diamond Mirror)

The mirror can be equipped with an on/off switch. It can either be a touchless option that works when you move your hand over the sensor or a manual a switch that allows you to manually turn the lights on and off. 

Mirror heating  (for all mirrors)

Our mirrors can be equipped with mirror heating to avoid condensation of the mirror in the bathrooms.

Mirror Options

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