Bathroom - Mirror processing
With Oled Mirror TV it is possible to have your glass or mirror processed. We can manufacture the glass in all shapes. In addition, we have a CNC machine at our disposal, for example, to have large round mirrors cut figures or slant sizes from glass. Drilling holes, cutting a facet or making cut outs, it is all possible with Oled Mirror TV.
Cut outs
For cut outs in the glass, we either use a CNC machine or manual processing.
Based upon the diameter and position of the hole in a technical drawing, we are able to drill the correct hole(s) in the glass.
The glass we provide comes with a standard cut. In case an agreement has been made on a certain size yet this size proves to be incorrect, we can cut the mirror to its correct size (mist hardened) at an additional cost. A charge for collection and delivery of the glass would apply.
Our glass or mirror can be cut in such a way that it has facets (slanted sides). In case these facets need to be a certain width, let us know. With a normal silvered mirror, cutting of a facet is possible and the facets remain silver. With a Secret Silver Mirror or Secret Silver Mirror Bright, you can also cut facets into the mirror, but the facets will be black.

Mirror Processing

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