Narrow Casting

Narrow Casting

The objective of your communication is decisive for your choice. Do you want to attract customers and introduce new products? Are you interested in informing your customers or creating an experience in your store? We tailor every solution to your objectives. Simple and efficient.  

You can display the photos and offers of the folder or brochure that you have previously sent to your regular customers in your store. This is convenient for a presentation of a new product, a promotion from a supplier, a "private sale", or just a special. It is also possible that a product does not sell well, or that you still have too much stock.

By means of our application you can, from one location (for example, your head office) with the press of a button, display your actions, offers and current information via the mirror in all your fitting room mirror(s) or glass or mirror in your store. You can adjust the layout of the image display yourself in a very simple way, activate it and make it larger or smaller.

When the light comes on in your store, the mirrors will turn on and the message will be displayed.

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