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Oled Mirror TV is a company that specializes in Oled Mirror & Glass TV technology. Using the latest professional Oled TV's from LG Electronics, Oled Mirror TV combines the ultimate in viewing with cutting edge technology. The special Pro Centric monitors are dedicated Oled TV's with its high picture quality and advanced connectivity functions, it elevates your in-room entertainment and increases convenience through implementation high-end, user-friendly technology. In addition, there are professional connections including an RS232 for domotics/home automation. 

The monitors are available in a normal model and as Wall Paper Oled. The Wall Paper is an ultra thin version. We can give you good advice and provide detailed information per model, size and dimensions. We use professional Oled monitors in most cases. 

Semi Professional Oled - Regular models

55 inch 4K Oled Hotel TV with Pro:Centric Premier IP & RF Solution with RS232

65 inch 4K Oled Hotel TV with Pro:Centric Premier IP & RF Solution with RS232

Semi Professional Oled - Wall Paper model 

65 inch 4K Wall Paper Oled  with Procentric Premier IP Based Solution with RS232

77 inch 4K Wall Paper Oled  with Pro:Centric Premier IP Based Solution with RS232 

Standard Oled -Regular model.

55 inch 4K Oled TV - Alpha 9 - 2nd Gen  

65 inch 4K Oled TV - Alpha 9 - 2nd Gen  

77 inch 4K Oled TV  - Alpha 9 - 2nd Gen  

Professional Oled model

55 inch (Full HD ) Wall Paper Oled monitor - with RS232 

Bespoke solutions

When you are looking for a particular model, type or brand of TV, let us know and we will be happy to assist you in creating your personal solution.

For an application, or more information contact info@oledmirrortv.com

Questions or contact

If you have questions about Residential, Commercial, Hospitality or Marine or other products and options, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the many possibilities of our products and are ready to convert your desire for a customized design into eye-catching reality. You can also contact us for the prices of our products.

You can call 0031- (0) 654 708556, send an e-mail to info@oledmirrortv.com, or use the contact form below. We will of course contact you as soon as possible.