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Commercial - QR Code Mirror

Make a visit to your store an even more memorable and special experience. Create added value in the buying process and ensure better sales figures through our touchless Covid proof QR code mirror.


Oled Mirror TV  and Ice House Netherlands launch The Ice Mirror.  A new retail mirror. The Ice Mirror is a special touchless covid proof interactive Diamond Mirror.  A new retail solution for B2B, B2B2C and D2C.  Share the catalogue and item in the webshop as you would with regular online shopping, by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone - Scan to buy. We use a regular high quality diamond mirror, reflecting true colours. While attaining more attention value than a wall monitor.

Each item can be scanned with your iPhone or android device and ordered online.

Share the item with family and friends, and make or delay that conversion. If a shop is out of a particular size, order via the web shop. Or shop around for another colour, and the item will be home delivered the next day. As a fitting room point of sale, you can upsell or cross sell your brand. Or show the entire collection via catalogue shop in shop. With options for window shopping, shopping in style, 24/7 shopping, discover the lookbook, try out your shopping concept, opened during refurbishment, pop up shop, affiliate marketing, The Ice Mirror is a perfect retail solution. 

QR Code Mirror

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