Marine - Bedroom - Sound

Glass speakers

Oled Mirror TV uses special glass speakers. These are speakers mounted against the back of the glass or mirror. Through this assembly the sound goes through the glass. There are no holes in our glass surfaces and mirrors, but the sound resonates through the glass. This effect is very surprising. There are two options.


Entering the bathroom, bedroom or other rooms a sign indicates you the room has been equipped with wireless audio. Following two simple steps, your smartphone connects, ready to stream your favorite music using your music app. A sound will be heard to notify the connection has been made. Our audio products can be placed completely invisible.


Customized audio streamer with 2 to 4 speakers that are placed invisible behind, for example, the headboard, in the bed, behind wall panels, mirror or glass. It is also possible to mount these speakers in the bathroom. The audio set is 100% out of sight*. The Bluetooth name is for example your name. There is also a PIN-code and a maximum volume level; nuisance is impossible.  Alternatively we can connect the audio streamer and speakers to a TV.

High-end (80 Watt) Glass speakers

These are very good 80 Watt speakers. These speakers are also suitable for large mirrors and glass surfaces. 

Ceiling speaker

Our waterproof ceiling installation speakers are designed to deliver crystal-clear sound from above. Thanks to advanced audio technologies, these very discreet speakers offer optimal sound reproduction. We have certain speakers where you can adjust the tweeter angle for a perfect sound quality at a certain place outdoor. The larger of the waterproof, rugged two -way marine speakers delivers pristine sound - whether on the high seas or in any other challenging environment. It boasts an IP 66 rating for incredible ruggedness when installed, and althrough it is larger of the Marine 8 loudspreakers it fits into a shallow dept of 93 mm (3.7in) with a cut-out of 249 mm. The Marine 6 is more compact of the Marine speakers , fitting into a dept of 88 mm (3.5in) with a cut-out of 249 mm 


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